How to save $200 in one year with a $10,000 investment

The most popular online poker machine for Australians is a little over a year old, and it’s not coming back anytime soon.

The popular poker machine is called WFC, and its creator, a man named John Collins, has been building a $100,000 machine that works well.

Collins says the company, which is based in Sydney, has received more than 100,000 calls since he launched the online poker game in February last year.

The machine is now up and running and there are about 40,000 players in the world, he said.

“It’s been great,” he said of the machine’s performance.

“You could get $100 for $10 in a short period of time.”

John Collins’ $100 million WFC poker machine Source: ABC News| YouTube The machine can play a maximum of 5,000 hands per hour and it uses a computer chip and the latest chips available to play poker in the US.

“This is a bit of a gamble because there are so many chips out there,” Collins said.

He said that when the game first launched he did not have a lot of money invested.

“I didn’t have a single dollar invested in the business,” he told 7.30.

“And at the end of the day I think it has done really well.”

Collins said the machine could play a number of different games and had a few different chips available for play, but it was not his intention to put money into it until it was a success.

“If I’m going to invest in something, I want it to be successful, I don’t want it just to be a hobby,” Collins explained.

“The first two months I had no money invested.”

Collins’ WFC machine can be found on YouTube and it has received over 20 million views.

Collins said he had been making the WFC for about six months before deciding to put his money into the business.

“I’ve got this one thing I’ve always wanted to do,” Collins told 7:30.

In March last year Collins received an email from an Australian poker player, who was looking to start playing the online game.

“He was looking for someone to invest some money in the Wfc,” Collins remembered.

“We sat down and said, ‘what do you want us to do?'”

Collins said that he asked the player to put $100 into the machine.

“They put in $150.

Collins asked for his bank details and they were able to make the investment for $200. “

There was no money left in the bank.”

Collins asked for his bank details and they were able to make the investment for $200.

Collins has said the W-FC was originally designed to be used for the game of Omaha.

However, he says that it could also be used as a betting machine, and there were also plans to launch the machine on mobile phones.

“Right now it’s on the smartphone,” Collins noted.

“A couple of years down the track we want to get a gaming app on it.

We’re looking to get that on as well.”

A couple of poker machines and a wkns stock, spce stock source: ABC