The world’s biggest bitcoin company is set to open its first UK retail store in a move to expand its UK trading operations

Engadgets headline The world has a new bitcoin startup with a UK retail location that is set for opening on December 4.

The company, Blockchain Capital, announced today that it has secured a licensing agreement with the London Stock Exchange for its London branch. 

The London Stock exchange has been an early supporter of the digital currency industry.

The exchange’s Bitcoin Trading Team, led by co-founder of BitPay, has been active in the bitcoin space, and Blockchain Capital is an affiliate of BitPesa, the leading bitcoin exchange in South Africa. 

Blockchain Capital’s London store will feature a range of merchandise, including bitcoin-themed jewelry, and will open at the end of January, the company said in a press release. 

It is expected to be the first retail store to accept bitcoin, and its first retail shop in the UK.

Blockchain Capital says that its London store is part of a “focal focus” of the London-based company. 

“Our London retail store will provide the same services and be accessible across our range of products, while still providing the full range of customer services, including a full range in payment services,” the company says. 

As an added bonus, Blockchain is set up in partnership with London’s biggest investment bank, Morgan Stanley, which will invest “in blockchain technologies” that will allow it to offer “further investment opportunities.” 

Blocktrading, a digital currency trading platform, is owned by blockchain company BlockCypher, which is the largest exchange for the digital currencies. 

Its website is full of interesting information about the company, which allows users to learn more about Blockchain’s business model, including its mission to decentralize the digital economy, the financial services it will provide, and what it plans to offer to its customers.

Blockchain is set in the city of London, and the company is currently looking to expand to a larger site in other cities, the firm says.

This is not the first time that Blockchain has set up an overseas retail shop.

In November, Blockchain opened its first store in Australia, but it has yet to open any other UK retail locations.