Trump calls Obama an ‘angry, vindictive man’

President Donald Trump called Obama an “angry vindictive” man who is waging a “war” against him on Tuesday, the day after the two men had their first face-to-face meeting.

In a lengthy statement, Trump called for an investigation into Obama’s actions after a White House official said Trump told Obama he wanted to end his presidency.

Trump said in his statement that he is “totally focused” on defeating the terrorist threat from ISIS and that he and Obama are working together to defeat the Islamic State.

Trump has been at odds with Obama on issues such as the war in Syria and the Iran nuclear deal, which both he and the president view as a disaster.

Trump’s statement followed his speech at a White Trump Tower reception where he spoke of the “great things” he and his administration have accomplished and said he is grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak to the nation.

The president, in his speech, called Obama “one of the great presidents of our time” and praised him for his work as commander in chief and his work with his “law and order” team.

Trump has also repeatedly clashed with the Obama administration over some issues such the Iran deal and the war on drugs, and has frequently lashed out at Obama for his policies.

Trump and Obama have had a long history of fighting over issues ranging from Syria to the Iran pact.

During a campaign rally in May, Trump criticized Obama for not meeting with him before he won the election.

Obama did not meet with Trump until after the election and did not discuss a nuclear deal with Trump.

Trump was also critical of the president for not attending the inauguration in January, saying Obama was not allowed to attend, and he also said he was not invited to speak.

The two men did not speak again until they met at a luncheon for college students and Trump told them about the Iran talks and Obama’s policy towards ISIS, which Trump said were “disastrous.”

The two also talked about the future of the Iran agreement, and Trump praised Obama for the effort to get a nuclear agreement done.