Google is pushing its stock price on social media after its stock fell 3% on Tuesday after its earnings were released.

Stock photo: iStockphotoThe tech giant is trying to use social media to boost its stock and boost its bottom line as the company struggles to maintain momentum in an industry in which it has been slow to embrace innovation.

On Tuesday, Google said it earned $1.6 billion in revenue in the quarter ended March 31.

Its revenue was down from $2.2 billion a year ago.

It reported earnings on Thursday for the third quarter of 2016, but analysts were skeptical of the company’s results and said the quarter was “weak.”

The company’s stock has been plummeting since the beginning of the year, falling about 5% after Google said its stock could be below $1 a share.

The stock has lost almost half its value since the end of January, and the stock has fallen more than 40% since Google announced it would buy Oculus VR last September.

In January, Google announced a partnership with Facebook to make VR apps for mobile devices.

In a statement on Wednesday, Google spokeswoman Lauren Daley said the company had “a solid quarter,” with “solid revenue growth, solid profit growth, strong margin growth, and a strong balance sheet.”

Daley said that despite the challenges of its stock, Google was “very excited about our future.”

Daryl Loomis, a partner at the law firm LoomISP, said she didn’t expect Google to push its stock any further as it is “too expensive to do that.”

“The bottom line is Google is a very small company,” Loomas said.

“They are just too expensive to be able to do it.”

Daly’s comments are the latest indication that Google is focusing on its social platform.

The company has been trying to increase its reach on social, including on Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to its stock market position, Google is looking to boost advertising revenue and boost user engagement through a new app called Google+, which is designed to allow users to ask for more information and to see what the company offers.

In September, the company launched its new version of Google+, called Google Plus, which has been redesigned to make it easier to use and more appealing to users.

Google also announced it is launching a new product called Google Lens, a feature that allows people to scan QR codes to search for information about a specific location.

In addition, Google has announced plans to release its own app, Google+, that will let people search for people in a group of photos.

Google has also announced a new way for users to buy its stock through the stock exchange, called Google Stock.

Google Stock is available only to people who have Google accounts.