When the Amazon IPO is over, how many more shares will the tech titan be able to buy?

CNNMoney is on the scene of the first public trading of the Amazon Stock Exchange in New York.CNNMoney was there to report on the event.

Follow along as we hear what happened in the event as we await Amazon’s stock price. 

We asked a representative from Amazon to respond to our questions.

Here’s what he said:CNNMoney asked: Amazon will be able buy out all of the remaining shares in Delta Stock at its IPO price, and the remaining Delta shares will be converted into shares of Amazon stock for the company.

We’ve asked Amazon to provide us with a list of the shares that will be available at its public offering. 

Does Amazon want to buy out Delta stock, or do you think the stock will have to be sold to fund the IPO? 

In the short term, I’m not sure how the stockholders would react to a stock buyout.

The stock price has gone up so much recently that I don’t think it would be feasible to sell it all at once. 

The stock will not be sold, however, and will remain subject to the terms of the sale agreement. 

In addition to the Delta Stock issue, Amazon also announced the first two-day online shopping period for the holiday season. 

Amazon’s first online shopping sale of the holiday shopping season will take place at 5 p.m.

ET on Friday, December 5. 

It is the first online sale since Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2014. 

Is there a timeline on when the next sale of Amazon will take a place? 

The plan is to hold a two-hour online sale starting at 3 p.c.

ET and run through the end of the day.

We have been working closely with the retail partners to ensure that they have the right support systems in place to handle this. 

Can Amazon expect to raise an additional $50 billion or more? 

Amazon plans to raise another $50.5 billion or so from the public, according to the company’s SEC filing on Thursday. 

What will the stock price look like when the stock reaches $150,000 per share? 

There is a good chance that the stock could reach $150k. 

Will Amazon have any plans to buy back any of its shares? 

No, not at this time. 

Why did the stock sell out? 

For most of the year, the stock has appreciated about 5%, according to Bloomberg. 

Has Amazon’s IPO caused a drop in the price of stock? 

It could have.

The shares are up about 10% in the last 24 hours and there was speculation that the company could sell some of its remaining shares at the IPO price.

The company said Thursday it had received no requests to sell any of the stock. 

Who is the CEO? 

David Marcus, who was CEO of Microsoft and Amazon for five years, has joined Amazon’s board of directors. 

How much does he make? 

$2.3 billion. 

Do you have any job openings for Amazon employees? 

Yes, we have openings for about a dozen people. 

Are there any jobs that could be open at Amazon? 

Not currently. 

When does the stock IPO take place?

The public offering is expected to take place in New Jersey on Friday.