Why you should care about the stock market’s rebound

It’s been a busy week for the stock markets.

First the Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its biggest weekly gain in more than five years, rising from 5,086.56 points on Monday to 6,004.92 points on Tuesday.

The S&P 500 rose from 3,933.17 points on Friday to 4,062.42 points on Wednesday.

The Nasdaq Composite soared from 1,862.70 points on Thursday to 2,931.88 points on Sunday.

Investors are also likely to see the tech sector rebound as well.

Tech stocks have been struggling this year, as companies struggle to keep up with surging demand from investors.

The Dow Jones fell more than 500 points this week, and the S&p 500 lost more than 4% on Monday.

But investors are likely to be encouraged by the news that stocks are beginning to rebound, with investors hoping the Fed will keep rates low and the economy starts to pick up.

As investors look to buy stocks and bond funds, here are some stocks to watch.

*Tesla stock is back up after a long slide.

Tesla shares plunged to their lowest level since 2008 after the company reported a $9.3 billion loss in its second quarter.

Shares fell 1.7% on Wednesday and were down nearly 6% on Friday.

Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles and electric-car sales have surged.

Tesla also has the second-largest market cap in the US, behind only Apple.

Tesla stock has risen more than 25% this year.

*Microsoft stock was the top performer on Friday and is up more than 40% this month.

Microsoft is still struggling to find its footing after the loss of its cloud-computing business and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Shares of Microsoft have lost nearly a third of their value in the last year.

Microsoft stock has gained more than 8% this week.

*Dow futures have also rebounded.

The index is down 1.2% this morning and is down 2.1% over the weekend.

The next wave of volatility is expected on Monday, when a U.S. federal judge in New York will rule on a preliminary injunction against a new rule by President Donald Trump to limit pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Dow futures have dropped more than 9% this day.

*Vox is down more than 10% this afternoon.

The company posted a loss of more than $5 billion for the first quarter of 2017.

Vox is the only company in the SaaS space to report quarterly revenue losses, according to the company.

The stock has been hurt by the closure of a U-turn by Vox, which is now focused on mobile commerce and data.

The market has been down for the past week, as investors and analysts look for ways to break the hold that Wall Street has on the stock.

*The Nasdaq is down about 20% this evening.

The NASDAQ is down almost 10% over a three-week period.

The shares of the tech-heavy Nasdaq are down more, as tech companies are trying to recover from the collapse of the dot-com bubble.

The tech-dominated Nasdaq has fallen more than 20% in 2017.