What’s in your shopping bag?

Walmart and Amazon have been embroiled in an ongoing dispute over how much of the company’s stock Wal-Mart stocks and Amazon stocks should be treated as equal in the online marketplace.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Walmart is refusing to release its stock data in order to “allow Amazon to dominate online commerce.”

Amazon is seeking to block the release of its data as a way to force Walmart to sell more stock in order for it to retain market share.

“The idea that Wal-mart could sell more of its stock to Amazon without losing a significant share of market share is simply not acceptable,” said EFF Staff Attorney Rebecca Traister.

“We’re filing this lawsuit to ensure that Amazon’s dominance of the online retail market is recognized and that our data is publicly available to the public.

Wal-marts stock is the most valuable in the world, so the fact that Walmart refuses to share its information is simply outrageous.

We will fight for the right for all online retailers to share their stock data with the public, as we’ve done for years in EFF’s transparency report, the Global Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Project, which documents the companys activities and information practices.”

Amazon also wants Wal-Marts data to be released in order “to better protect its own users from Amazon’s predatory behavior.”

Amazon said that Walmart’s refusal to release the data “could seriously damage its reputation and business.”

Walmart and Walmart share the same CEO, Jeff Bezos.