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FEDERAL RESERVE OFFICERS: FEDERALLY FUNDED REPUBLICAN INDEPENDENT REPULSE CLUB TO BE CONVINCED TO STOP RIGGING REPUBLISHMENTS article NEW YORK — A group of Republican-backed independent lawmakers has vowed to stop the implementation of the nation’s most sweeping new ethics rules, saying the rules unfairly target Republican Party donors and the presidential candidates they support.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group of about 30 Republican-led lawmakers, released a statement Tuesday calling for Congress to reject the new ethics measures.

The statement comes as Republican presidential candidates have been caught up in a string of ethics controversies that have rocked campaigns and embroiled some Republican Party officials in the process.

“If we are to take action to end this unprecedented partisan bias, Congress must reject these ethics reforms and instead act as an informed deliberative body that provides transparency and accountability,” the statement said.

The lawmakers wrote in the statement that the rules violate the separation of powers and could be used to unfairly influence candidates in 2018.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been embroiled in several controversies over the past year, including accusations that he sexually assaulted women and that he took advantage of a woman’s disability to pay for a private jet.

A New York state judge has ruled against Trump on one of the allegations.