Which team has the most stock?

When it comes to stock market volatility, no team has a higher valuation than the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have just more than $20 billion in stock market assets.

Their market value was $21 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to data from FactSet, which tracks the value of stock market stocks, and has climbed from $20.7 billion in 2013.

It has been steadily rising since the fourth-quarter plunge that sent the market reeling and wiped out some of the value.

That $20 trillion market cap was worth $15.8 billion in January 2018.

That means the Patriots had $21.6 billion in market cap assets as of January 2018, according a FactSet report.

The next closest team was the Atlanta Falcons, who had $19.5 billion in total market cap.

The New York Giants, with $19 billion, were also near the top of the list, with the $20-billion Patriots having $21 trillion in market value.

The New England market is no stranger to volatility.

The team lost $2.4 billion in value last year, with investors panicking and blaming owner Robert Kraft for the loss.

The market price for Kraft’s shares, which have lost $4 billion since he took over the team in 2015, was $7.1 billion at the end of February.

Kraft has said the team will stay in business as long as possible.

But the Patriots aren’t alone in this market.

The Washington Redskins have nearly $20 million in market capitalization.

Their stock market value of $24.6 million is about half that of the Patriots, and it’s more than the $23 billion the team has had since Kraft took over in 2015.

It is not a perfect comparison, however.

The Redskins were able to hold on to their market value and gain value for a few years before their market collapsed, which made the team one of the few teams with a $2 billion market cap before the stock market crash.

The Dallas Cowboys, whose market cap is nearly $28 billion, are another example of an organization with a huge market cap that is able to retain value despite a large market share.

The Cowboys were able hold on after a big drop in 2016 and have a market value that’s nearly $14 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys have a team-record $28.5 million market cap, according the NFL’s financial information office.

The Seattle Seahawks, the fourth biggest market in the league, have a $28 million market value, which is nearly half the market cap of the New York Jets.

The Seahawks also have a large amount of stock in their organization, which makes it difficult for them to gain value, but they are able to maintain their market cap value because of their large market.