When AT&T stock is down, T-Mobile stock can go up

T-Mo, AT&P, Sprint and Verizon are all facing losses, while AT&G and Comcast are all making big gains.

Here’s what to watch next.

The stock price of the telecoms dropped about 8% Tuesday after T-Mob saw its revenue plunge 6% in the quarter and its profit plunge 30%.

The stock was down around 7% in after-hours trading.

T-Mobile’s stock price fell about 9% to $13.83, or about $1.15 per share.

AT&T’s stock dropped about 10% to a low of $20.60, or $0.97 per share, according to FactSet.

Sprint, Verizon and T-Town’s stock prices fell more than 8% after the wireless carrier said it lost $6 billion during the quarter.

It reported that revenue fell 16% to more than $1 billion.

The company is currently trading at about $15.50 per share after adding about $3 billion in net income to earnings from services and business lines.

Comcast, which has been struggling for years, posted a big gain Wednesday, rising by about 7% to about $9.35 per share on a contract-based basis.

Verizon also increased its earnings per share for the fourth quarter, rising about 4% to almost $10.00 per share from a year ago.

But it is the carriers’ profit that could be the biggest gainers for the day.

T-mobile stock is trading at $19.85, or nearly $2.30 per share in after hours trading, up about $6.25 from the previous day’s closing price.

AT+T stock has dropped more than 11% to nearly $9 per share while Verizon’s stock has fallen by about 8%.

ComComcast is down by almost 7% at $18.25.

AT &C is down about 5% at a loss of about $2 billion.

AT’s stock is up by just under 2% to close at $17.10.

AT&amp%s stock is about 5.5% below the market average and is up slightly, up just over 1%.