How to make a crypto-currency in seconds

Crypto-currencies have exploded in popularity and the number of cryptocurrencies have gone through the roof.In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics of how to create a crypto currency, and how to invest in them.First things first, lets get some background on what cryptocurrencies are.Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital currencies.They are not backed by […]

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What happens when your smartphone has a GPS chip?

On the one hand, the chip is a crucial tool for navigation.The device can help you find the right shop and the right food at the right price.It can help locate a new shop or help you figure out how to get to the airport.On the other hand, it is also a source of power.The […]

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Stock futures move higher as US stock futures rally

Traders are selling stocks on the back of upbeat economic data and a strengthening U.S. economy.Stock futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.4% to close at 26,817.60.The S&P 500 gained 0% to 2,906.43.The Nasdaq Composite gained 0%.The Dow is up 2.1% since Jan. 1.The Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up 0.6%.The S&amps […]

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